Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hey folks! The show is less then two weeks away so very exciting times. Watch for us on the tube/radio and in the funny papers next week! Thanks to the Journal, CTV and CKUA for sponsoring the show. They have all been great as always. I am in Edmonton today running around like mad. Going to poster the town today with Denise Lefebvre and Lili Vanderlaan ...then late tonight with Laura Dreger.
On the side I am working on some great Mural Mosaic projects. Lewis Lavoie may create the most amazing mural mosaic yet this summer. Details to be coming soon. In the mean time just check out our site www.muralmosaic.com.

I am also planning the Guitar Women tour for this fall. That too will be VERY cool. Lot of fun there. www.guitarwoman.com.
The paintings above are created by Charity Dakin, Eric Renk and Gail Adams. See their work in the mural at www.muralmosaic.com.
You should go to CPAWS and check out there website. They have a great event coming to Night of Artists called "Journey to The Three Rivers" you have to see this!!
In the mean time....here are three more paintings from the mural...

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