Monday, January 26, 2004

Late night or early morning. I am in Calgary now and am about to relax after another long day. Met with Cathy Stevenson and discussed the NOA magazine - which is looking amazing!!! I am also trying to get ready for my solo show at Ben Venuto's on February 5th. Lots of promoting to do! Man... 8 NOA shows, my own solo show and a mural to complete all before the end of the first week of February haha ewwww.
I went and saw Ann Vriend and Jen Kraatz while in Calgary. Great show in a cozy location- Karma. Lots of talent in the room. Met Doug from Canada Disc and chatted with Chris "Skippy" Sturwold. Discussed ways to create more advantages for musicians.
NOA gallery in Edmonton got a face lift today. Good job!!
Hopefully the weather stays good and I can get back home to Edmonton tomorrow.

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